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Custom Swimming Pool Builders

Elite Pool and Patio have over 26 years of experience creating custom swimming pools for your outdoor living space. From design to splash down, we have you covered. We think about your custom swimming pool as a tool for your family’s recreation and enjoyment. We partner with you by asking how it will be used and enjoyed to make certain your design fits in your lifestyle and your budget. A custom swimming pool can be the perfect investment for your property. It can fit in spaces you would not normally think a swimming pool would fit. When you choose a custom swimming pool from Elite Pool and Patio you know you will love it because you have chosen every aspect of color, shape, and placement.

Keeping Safety in Mind

We all know grandkids love swimming pools, and grandparents want them to be safe at all times. We can design features into your outdoor living space so that you control access to your pool and can be there when the kids are having fun. We can create decks and patio surfaces that help prevent slips and falls and still beautify the outdoor living space. Just imagine teaching your kids or grandkids to swim yourself, in your own custom swimming pool, in the privacy of your own custom outdoor living space. The memories you make will be priceless and will stay with those kids throughout their lives.

Custom Water Features

A custom swimming pool with a waterfall or other water feature can enhance the beauty of backyard living space and create a peaceful soundscape, even helping to block the unwanted noise from neighbors or roads. We build the best outdoor waterfalls and can add them to your existing swimming pool or outdoor living space. There is nothing quite so peaceful as the sound of a gentle waterfall. While kids love playing in them and the owners love how they improve the visual appeal of their backyards or pool spaces, we find that the owners appreciate the sound the most and tell us that they wish they had included an outdoor water feature or waterfall for their swimming pool years ago.

Advantages of Owning a Custom Swimming Pool


The fitness benefits of swimming are well documented, but some people overlook the fitness benefits of water aerobics or walking and jogging in the pool – there are hundreds of exercises you can do in your custom swimming pool that do not require the ability to swim. Many doctors prescribe time in a pool as physical therapy. The no impact nature of exercising in the water means you can do it at any age and in any state of fitness. By using the water as resistance training, your muscles are protected from the shock of weights or jarring effects of some machines.
There are usually public pools available which you can share with strangers, however, owning your own custom pool allows you to control the temperature and how clean the water is along with whom you share the pool. Because you control the environment in your custom swimming pool it is far safer for you and your family’s health.


Have you noticed how people that live around water just seem more relaxed? We have. Just looking out the windows at your beautiful outdoor living space with your custom water feature, swimming pool, and outdoor kitchen can reduce your stress levels. Floating in a pool can be one of the most relaxing things you ever do. Imagine at the end of a long day, just stepping out the back door and into a vacation.

Better Sleep

Regular swimming or exercising in the water can help you sleep better. Yes, the most important health benefit of your new pool may be that you sleep better. When your body exercises in a low-stress environment and constantly thermoregulates, you burn more calories. One of the benefits of this low impact style muscle workout is the recovery it stimulates which causes a deeper, higher quality sleep.


A custom swimming pool by Elite Pool and Patio can be a social magnet. A swimming pool or outdoor living space can be that little extra excuse to bring the family and friends to your home. Whether it is game day and you can include whole families easier or you are looking for quality time with an environment perfect for grandkids, the possibilities of hosting become limitless.

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